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Social Distancing Activities During COVID-19

We are all safe at home. Social distancing is the new norm for the time being. Schools are able to connect with students to continue their education as best as possible and many parents are now working from home. That means kids of all ages and abilities need activities to fill the time besides relying on video games and YouTube. Here is a great list to get you started.

  • Watch the same streaming movie then meet by phone or video to discuss.
    • Free full-screen playlist of 10 popular short films, featuring people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, is available on SproutFlix.
    • Try having a Netflix party with your friends. You can learn more and download the app here.
  • Have costume competitions. Everyone dresses up, takes pictures, and shares them with each other. Everyone votes on the silliest costume, the most glamorous, the most realistic, etc.
  • Do a progressive story either written or verbally. One person starts. Each person afterward adds a line or paragraph to a story. Combine it and share.
    • Tip: this is a great way to practice using Assistive Augmentative Communication with a fun activity. If a sentence is too much, try adding word by word (it is way harder than you think).
  • Hold a Talent Show. Everyone records and shares their talent. Examples: painting, telling a joke, reciting a spoken word poem, singing, doing a magic trick, etc. Give recognition to the funniest, happiest, most creative, etc.
  • Have a group scavenger hunt on specific themes. Examples: things you would need for a party, things you would need in case of an emergency, things you need if you were going to the beach, etc.
  • Play music together over the phone/video You can sing as a group, have duets, and/or solos.
    • Check out Smule and sing along with people around the world!
  • Learn a new fitness routine through the Special Olympics Fit 5
  • Come up with a new way of greeting your friends while practicing safe social distancing.
    • Tip: come up with a different greeting for each of your friends or invent a greeting for yourself and share it with others.
  • Try creating a schedule with everyday activities to make things seem as normal as possible right now while being safe at home.
  • Connect with your family and friends digitally using Zoom, Facetime, or Skype.

Thanks to the California State Council on Developmental Disabilities for some of this great content.