Adult Services

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Adult Services supports adults with developmental disabilities as well as their families in Vancouver and Richmond. Our programs, which include residential programs, day programs, respite services, and employment programs, strive to increase individual’s involvement and contribution to the communities they live in.

Residential Services

We have residences in Vancouver and Richmond and expert staff who provide varying levels of support to our clients based on the individual’s unique needs.

Group Homes

We have residences across Vancouver and Richmond, each with a unique culture and supports specific to the individuals who live there. Residential services accommodate a diverse population of adults through site-specific environmental design, personalized supports targeting identified areas of need, and comprehensive support staff training. Staffing is provided on a 24 hour, 7 day a week model, with the level of intensity varying with needs.

For more information, please contact us at 604-273-9778,  Donna Cain at or Tasia Alexis at

Community Apartment Program (CAP)

Residents live alone (or as a couple) in an apartment that they own or rent themselves. Residents receive ongoing or occasional support in financial management, health and nutrition, relationship building, and developing strong links with people in their community. A team of Life Skills Workers provides outreach throughout the week.

For more information, please contact Deanne Ziebart at 604-273-9778 or

Individual Care Network (Home Share)

Individuals share a family home, suite, or share an apartment with a roommate. Individuals receive ongoing or occasional support from home share providers, or roommates in financial management, health and nutrition, relationship building, and developing strong links with people in their community. Support varies depending on the needs of the individual.

For more information, please contact Christine Dela Cruz at

Day Programs

DDA’s Day programs provide supportive group programs and activities for Adults with diverse abilities.

We have five centres in Vancouver. Each Centre has a team who supports Individuals to achieve their greatest degree of independence in environments of their choice through participation in onsite and community experiences.

Each participant is supported to develop personal goals that reflect their strengths, needs, and preferences. Goal areas often include; recreation & leisure, health & wellness, communication, volunteerism, and life skills development.

All-day programs are currently full and funded spaces require a referral from CLBC. Depending on suitability, we can also customize a program for those with private funding.

For more information, please contact Jackie Lanz at 604-273-9778 or

For the Vancouver CLBC Office please call 604-660-3323 or email

Drop In Centre

At the Drop-In, individuals participate in activities of their choice. Each day a variety of activities are offered, ranging from one to four hours in length for semi-independent adults who live with families or on their own. Evening and weekend activities are offered on a first-come-first-served basis. Please note all Drop-in Events are not open to the public and are only available for clients who have registered with DDA. For more information, please call 604-322-0052.

Examples of Drop-In activities include:

  • Healthy Living and Weight Loss Group
  • Art Program
  • Wellness Group
  • Community Kitchen
  • Hot Lunch preparation
  • Diabetes Support Group
  • Community Gardens
  • Volunteer Group

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Jobs West

Jobs West is the supported employment division of the Developmental Disabilities Association. Jobs West assists adults with developmental disabilities to prepare for, find and keep community based work placements.


Starworks is a social enterprise created to hire people with developmental disabilities from the Vancouver area to perform light labour and assembly work. We employ over 30 casual workers in our 7,500 square foot Vancouver warehouse with the capacity to handle all types of work that requires high volume manual labour. For more information, visit