Be an Ally to People with Disabilities

Are you looking to make a change this summer? Perhaps you want to go to the gym regularly or say ‘yes’ to things more often. But how about looking deeper and changing your perspectives or practices? After all, a healthy mind promotes a healthy body.

Jobs West Success!

DDA’s employment service Jobs West has helped many people with IDD find and keep jobs. Benjamin is one of those success stories!

BC People First Self-Advocacy Conference 2024

This spring, DDA was a proud sponsor of the BC People First Conference held online and in person. Celebrating their individuality and abilities, DDA residents created custom t-shirts for the event and had a fun lunch at DDA’s head office complete with activities and pictures.

Advocacy is a Long Road

The Federal Government’s Budget 2024 included some funding for the Canada Disability Benefit Act.  The Act received Royal Assent in June 2023, but the devil was in the details included in the Budget. 

Mental Health Week 2024: Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities

When it comes to mental health, discussions often revolve around anxiety, depression, and other common conditions within the general public. However, there is an overlooked intersection when it comes to stigmas surrounding mental health – individuals with developmental disabilities.

The Vital Role of Early Childhood Educators

Early Childhood Educators are helping lay the foundation of a child’s future. Often underappreciated, these dedicated professionals play a pivotal role in shaping young minds during their most formative years.

International Women’s Day and the Role of Caregivers

March is Women’s History Month, which coincides with International Women’s Day on March 8th. DDA has a rich history involving women. The association was started by a young woman in 1952 and many of the innovations the association brought to the mainstream were started by, you guessed It, women.