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Staying in Shape and Healthy at Home during the Covid Crisis

With schools closed likely until the new school year due to COVID-19, education will continue to flow in the online world. What also needs to keep flowing is physical exercise. For people of all ages who have developmental disabilities, a regular exercise routine is paramount for maintaining overall health. While most families are self-isolating it’s more important than ever to keep moving and get the blood pumping!

The advent of online resources and outlets like LIVE Facebook videos have given a whole new meaning to getting your heart pumping while stuck at home.

The YMCA of Greater Vancouver offers free online workout videos on YouTube to follow along to. Their counterpart in Toronto takes working out one a step further by offering classes through Facebook LIVE. Please keep in mind the times posted are Eastern Standard Time so you have to subtract three hours. Times and dates are subject to change. A quick tip: classes listed as ‘low impact’ are great for individuals with limited mobility or who may have participated in any of the many adapted fitness classes offered at local community centres throughout the Lower Mainland.  Organizations like SelfAdvocate.net, also offer many helpful videos to follow for those with limited movement.

In addition, YouTube offers numerous other exercise videos aimed at those with physical and developmental disabilities. These tend to be lower impact activities and done at a slower rate to avoid fatigue.

Along with fitness, eating right while stuck at home is just as important to maintain good health. Need ideas that go beyond chicken fingers and mac and cheese? Allrecipes.com has a great selection of easy-to-make meals the whole family can take part in creating. Even better, they have videos to watch along with so you know if you’re doing it right.

Have fun, stay safe, and stay healthy!