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Science Class at Grandview

This year at Grandview, we have created a new class for our clients called Science Class. Grandview clients learn about many different science-oriented ideas and projects and are able to use critical thinking, evidence, and discussion to create solutions and make decisions.

Our clients are naturally curious, and feeding their creativity is enjoyable for everyone. Grandview clients have fun conducting science experiments and working as a team to answer questions. Sustaining a sense of awe and wonder of the natural and technological world, as well as developing the ability to ask more

questions, solve problems, and apply what they learn to everyday life. Staff have created a binder of different topics and experiments that can be easily referenced. This book includes subjects such as the solar system, the human body, bugs, fungi and more! All subjects include informative notes, a hands-on experiment, and a list of supplies.

We’ve made a volcano, nature slides for our microscope, homemade slime and many other fun projects. Participation in our creations and asking questions are encouraged.

We ask questions such as: “What do we use this for? What do you think will happen? How do we use this in our own lives? What is the smell, taste, or texture?” We then seek out the answers to these questions before cleaning up. If it is a nice day we may even take this class outdoors and do experiments outside.

Grandview’s clients have fun being inquisitive and getting hands- on with the experiments. Conversing and learning about science may further clients’ knowledge and promote curiosity. Through our clients’ naturally inquisitive personalities, we hope they can take their newfound problem-solving skills and apply them to their everyday life.