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Hotels Give Caregivers A Break

We all need a break now and then, but there are people for whom the daily demands of life pose a particularly relentless set of challenges. They are the parents, siblings and sometimes extended family of children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Family members of children and adults with developmental disabilities often take on many roles: advocate, teacher, physical therapist, speech therapist, and advisor, in addition to the demands of going to work, running a household, and meeting friends for the occasional social event.

More than a decade ago, DDA launched the Respitaility program that provides family members with a free night at a local hotel. To many caregivers, nothing is better than a night of soaking in a tub, watching television, enjoying a meal, or reading a book in the undisturbed environment of a plush and luxurious hotel room

Some family members send ‘thank you’ cards with words of appreciation such as:

  • “It was like winning the million dollar lottery. I was thinking of sleeping in my car when I received this night out.”
  • “We had a great stay at the hotel. We missed the kids so much but we felt refreshed when we came home.”

To be eligible, family members must live in Vancouver or Richmond. The person must be the primary caregiver to a person with a developmental disability, be a member of DDA, and receive support from any of the association’s programs. DDA is fortunate to have partnerships with several sponsoring hotels in Vancouver and Richmond.

For more information or to apply, please contact Terry Schenkel, Assistant Director of Family Support Services at 604-233-5433 or email him at tschenkel@develop.bc.ca