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Annual General Meeting Recap: 2017-2018

The 66th Annual General Meeting was held on June 20, 2018. During the AGM, the annual report was presented to members of the Association, Board of Directors, staff, family and visitors.

Highlights from this year’s annual report include:

  • Infant Development Program served over 450 families this year;
  • Child Development Centres supported 435 families including 88 spaces to serve children with special needs;
  • Day Programs served over 100 participants and the Drop-In served 150 semi-independent participants;
  • Jobs West supported 196 job seekers this year, with 52 of our candidates receiving jobs and 16 participated in work experiences;
  • Residential Services continues to develop individual plans with residents, their networks, and staff. This year, the average goal attainment rate for all 80 individual residential plans was 94%;
  • You can read the full 2018 Annual Report or view highlights of the report.

At last year’s AGM, we welcomed Aether, a collaborative service robot developed by JDQ. As part of this year’s AGM, we brought back Aether and Jon Morris, President of JDQ.

Aether is now equipped with a 360-degree laser sensor that is able to accurately map out the room he is in. This allows him to navigate amongst obstacles such as walls and furniture. In addition, he is now able to recognize different faces and voices. Moving forward, Jon hopes that Aether will continue to develop and respond to physical gestures and increase his compatibility with databases for storing information.

After watching Aether demonstrate his new skills, members listened to all the reports presented, then enjoyed some time for networking, snacking and catching up with friends old and new.

As we continue to move forward into 2018, we will continue to overcome obstacles and encourage the abilities of the over 1,800 individuals and families that we serve.