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Victoria Day Program Transit & Community Safety

At DDA we promote the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone in the community. In harmony with the DDA’s mission to overcome obstacles and encourage abilities, we want to ensure full access and independence in the community.

At Victoria Day Program we offer an all-day activity called Transit and Community Safety. The purpose of this group outing is to work on transit and safety skills while also building confidence in using public transportation. Public transportation is a skill everyone can benefit from as it can be used to travel throughout the Lower Mainland for personal, recreational and work opportunities.

The activity begins with trip planning, where the group will point out landmarks, bus stops, and transit exchanges to orient themselves to different areas or neighbourhoods that the group will be travelling to. Preparation for the day includes getting everyone to carry the proper fare, dressing appropriately for the weather and what to do if they get separated from the group.

Arrivals are practiced, and prompts help to ensure that we are getting off at the right exchange or stop. Over time the prompts fade and individuals become aware of when and where they need to be to arrive safely and in a timely manner.

Departures are done in a consistent manner to practice the skills of time management and being on time. Schedules and routes are either printed out with written instructions or in photo sequences depending on each person’s preference and ability.

We also include the concepts of personal space and safety, such as how to be aware of other’s needs like letting older people and young children sit in the priority seating area and how much space we should give strangers. We practice patience and safe boarding by not pushing and allowing others the room they need to pass by us as they board on and off the bus, train or boat.

This all-day activity has become a favourite at Victoria Day Program especially for people who really enjoy getting out in the community and exploring different neighbourhoods in Vancouver.