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Our United Way Campaign 2017

On September 22, DDA kicked off our annual United Way campaign to raise awareness and funds for the United Way of the Lower Mainland. Each year, DDA employees donate to help people in our communities. This year, we aim to increase the number of donors by 10% and, for people who donated last year, to increase past donations by 10%.

Why give to the United Way?

576 workplaces like ours run workplace campaigns so that the United Way can proactively help 340,000 people in the Lower Mainland. This year, the three areas of most importance are:

All that kids can be
Kids are born with limitless potential. Yet too many of them lack what they need to reach it. Experiences in childhood set the foundation for life. More than 48,000 children participate in programs funded by United Way. United Way funds more than 2000 programs that support children.

Poverty to possibility
The burden of poverty is profound. Since 2008, we’ve seen a 25% increase in food bank use. If you can’t meet your basic needs like food and shelter, you can barely stay afloat let alone get ahead.
When you give to United Way, you’re making sure kids arriving to school hungry get breakfast. You’re helping people get the food they need, learn how to find or grow healthy affordable food, and access available programs and resources.

Strong communities
Communities should fuel our lives, support our development and keep us healthy and strong. But for many in Metro Vancouver, it’s hard to connect. Loneliness is as dangerous as smoking.
The strength of a community is in the well-being of the people who live there. For some, that means accessing services they didn’t even know existed. For others, like seniors, it means keeping them connected and engaged in order to stay healthy.

When you give to United Way, you are building strong neighbourhoods; helping seniors live independently; sustaining community outreach programs and funding the helpline bc211. DDA will run our annual United Way staff campaign until November 30 and there will be a variety of events planned to raise awareness and funds.