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Toxic Baby Mats

Play mats are common in homes with young children, but ever wonder how safe it is for your children? Global News investigates further into what gives the play mats its bounce and how it can affect your child. The segment ran a while ago but since play mats are still being sold in Canada, we felt it is important to repost and continue providing awareness.

Here are some alternatives to play mats:

1) Soft blankets that are made of sustainable materials free of toxic dyes. Like always, make sure you are watching your child at all times to avoid suffocation.

2)  Softtiles – www.softttiles.com – These tiles are tested independently and areNon-toxic- BPA, Phthalate, formamide, Latex free.

3) Dwingular -http://dwinguler.me/default – These mats are unlike tiles where you can make your own shape, but it is in one pieces with an adorable design. Dwingular takes one step further and posts test results and are formamide free, and passes several international toy standards

4) Baby Care -http://www.babycareplaymat.com/ – These mats are similar to Dwingular’s look and feel but more economical in terms of pricing – Test results are posted and passes several international toy standards as well.

Whatever you choose for your child, ensure you read the label and do your research. A great place to start is Safbaby.

Kindly note DDA isn’t affiliated or being compensated for recommendations of the above. These are suggestions based on the research made available to us.