The Main Street Drop-In Cooking program has provided healthy and nutritious meals for some of our childcare centres for many years. The Drop-In Center also provides a $3.00 hot lunch program for its participants. These programs rely on the support of our volunteers who gain valuable experience and training in the food service industry.

Three of the volunteers at the Main Street Drop-In Centre exemplify the spirit of these programs in their commitment to the work. They have worked hard to develop their confidence in the kitchen, as well as culinary skills that are transferable to all areas of the food service industry. Nancy, Joy, and Fraser have played a big part in preparing food and ensuring the cleanliness of the kitchen. They have learned to work together and to communicate with the team to complete a variety of kitchen tasks. Throughout their experience, Nancy, Joy and Fraser have been able to identify their strengths and challenges in the kitchen. In the beginning they practiced tasks, such as cutting and chopping, under supervision but they have now gained the confidence to perform these same tasks independently. Each of the volunteers has led a cooking session that allowed them to build on their leadership skills and take charge when required. We look forward to seeing more of their progress in the future!

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