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DDA Artists

DDA’s art program is a blend of creativity, expression and inclusion, open to artists of all levels. The program focuses entirely on what the artists are drawn to create. What may begin as a picture of a fish evolves into a painting, then a ceramic sculpture. The adaptability and collaboration with the artists’ interests are what helps to shape the program. The results are works of art of astounding quality and destined for homes.

For art purchases inquiries contact

Hailey Arthur

Program Manager, Main Street Drop-in

Developmental Disabilities Association
p: 604-322-0052

Untitled, Emerson Canas
3×4 ft

Red Tree, Lisa Poon
16×16 inches

Astronaut and Friends, Mark Li
2×2 ft

Birds, Nira Parasha (SOLD)
16×16 inches

Bird, Simon Gardiner
16×16 inches