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More than a Paycheque

Diversity in the workforce is a benefit to everyone. We caught up with Michael, a participant in DDA’s Jobs West Employment Services program. Jobs West enables people with developmental disabilities to prepare for, find, and maintain community-based employment placements. It also helps businesses hire, train, and retain qualified entry-level staff.

Michael found successful work placement with Old Navy on Granville Street in Vancouver. His story is a reminder that work isn’t just about a paycheque. It can be so much more. It’s about finding your place in the world and knowing you can be successful no matter who you are.

At DDA and Jobs West we understand that a neurodiverse workforce brings many benefits such as lower staff turnover rates, better staff morale, and even pulls down the curtain on stigma surrounding developmental disabilities.

This year, Jobs West awarded Old Navy Canada ‘Employer of the Year’ for contributing to inclusion and neurodiversity in its workforce.

Since 1985, Jobs West has successfully placed hundreds of job seekers into employment. We understand that the needs of each employer and job seeker are unique and pride ourselves on customized services that meet your needs and ensure satisfaction and a successful partnership.

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