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Fred & Michelle’s Acting Class

In Residential Services we encourage staff to think outside the box and use their creativity to enhance the lives of the individuals living in our programs.  Above is a snapshot of the ingenuity of one of our staff to facilitate a lifelong hobby of one of the residents who has a slow degenerative health problem that now has him confined to a wheelchair most of the day. He has limited range of motion with his arms. Residential workers are given flexibility and choice to create some of their job responsibilities and duties. Michelle has provided an exemplary example of our workers imagination and resourcefulness. Fred looks forward to his time with Michelle and it has become the highlight of his week:

“Every Saturday afternoon, Fred and I participate in acting class. Fred uses the week to think of a topic that he would like to discuss and we act out a scene relating to the week’s topic and theme. Some topics we have talked about include friendships, relationships between family members, a variety of holidays, what it means to be in love, and going on vacations. Fred likes to dress up as his character and takes pride in identifying as an actress. Fred is a very creative individual and he often uses these acting classes to artistically express himself and talk through topics that he would like to better understand.” – Michelle Jiang