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Family Support & United Way – Becky’s Story

When Becky was just 6 years old, Wendy became concerned that Becky’s physical growth slowed and cognitive abilities declined. Wendy called DDA’s Family Support & Advocacy Program to talk about her worries and what to do next. Our family support worker listened to Wendy and offered immediate information and assistance. No forms, no fees and no wait lists. She was ecstatic!

Wendy and the family support worker met with Becky and the family doctor. A referral was made to have Becky assessed by specialists. Becky was diagnosed with a genetic abnormality that causes a severe cognitive disability and skeletal problems. She underwent surgery by age 7 to break and reset bones; the surgery meant that Becky was to hospitalized for 4-6 weeks. She spent her recovery in a full to partial body cast. Since Wendy is the only parent and primary caregiver, her daily schedule consisted of meetings with doctors, therapists and social workers; therefore, Wendy relied on income assistance and social programs to meet her daily needs. The family support worker introduced Wendy to a parent support group and the Vancouver food bank so she could meet other families and obtain needed food and resources.

Every week Wendy and the family support worker visited or spoke on the telephone to review progress. Wendy is more confident and has a strong support network in her life. She developed a vast repertoire of parenting techniques, developed collaborative relationships with school and health care professionals, and accepted service from other community programs. Most importantly, Becky has new adapted equipment to give her more mobility.

Without the funding of United Way, Becky would not have been able to assessed and receive the assistance of our family support program. With treatment Becky received, she is able to live a life that enables to maximize her full potential, and Wendy was able to go through this process with ease.

Like all the children in our community, they are our future. They will be our future prime minister, find a cure for cancer, and solve problems our world will be facing. Let’s invest in them. Start by donating to United Way !