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Indigenous Disability Awareness Month: Embracing Diversity at Fraser Program

As part of Indigenous Disability Awareness Month, we are highlighting the passion and talents of Michelle, an attendee at Fraser program for the past seven years.

Michelle is a young woman who is proud of her indigenous roots. She has attended the Fraser program for seven years. In this time she has shown how caring and creative she is, and we have had the pleasure of watching her grow and mature as an artist.

One issue that is very close to Michelle’s heart is the missing and murdered indigenous women’s cause. She has participated in many marches and has written poems about it. Helping others is something that Michelle takes upon herself and is very committed to. She volunteers with seniors every week and feels a strong connection to those she can assist.

Michelle is curious and loves learning – she especially enjoys developing and adding to her artistic passions. She has a keen eye and has explored digital photography fearlessly, often experimenting and capturing imaginative, unique images.

Michelle’s love of words has cultivated her interest in writing. She has an interesting approach to poetry, where she draws from personal interests and experiences, creating a special collection of hand written poems. Michelle writes out every one – carefully spacing and designing each letter with special symbols and embellishments.

One of Michelle’s special talents is dancing. She feels the music and glides smoothly to songs with amazing moves that we all try to copy. It showcases her overall ability to work, practice, and hone specific tasks so she is satisfied with the result, and in doing so, often leads the way for others to follow.