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A Look Back on 2021

Well, what can we say? 2021 was spent in relative bubbles again as COVID-19 continued to dominate our lives and headlines. If you feel like it’s getting too hard to take, you’re definitely not alone. Here, as we step gently into 2022, we find ourselves again at the mercy of restrictions as governments scramble to get ahead of the aggressive new variant of the virus.

So what will 2022 bring? Maybe a different approach to living. Rather than getting rid of the virus altogether, we have to accept that it’s with us, perhaps for a long time to come. Vaccines have improved things somewhat, but a new variant in Omicron has shown that even vaccines are starting to feel like a stop-gap solution. It is what it is and life must go on. The good thing is life DOES go on!

Despite the doom and gloom, DDA managed to have a fun and involved year in 2021. We got together safely. We celebrated B.C.’s health care providers who have been keeping us safe for the past two years. We took advantage of the sun and spent many fun days at the Kensington and Cambie Park on 5 Road in Richmond to celebrate Bollywood, Halloween, Thanksgiving and more.

We celebrated Canada’s Indigenous Peoples and learned about the wonderful impact they have on this great country of ours. When the Tokyo Olympics started, we held our own Olympics at our Arlington house in Vancouver. We defended human rights on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

DDA bought a fleet of shiny new minivans to make sure our clients and staff could move around safely and in comfort. Our clients ensured their voices were heard by voting in the last federal election. Their voices do matter and they make us very proud! Like Whos in Whoville who were unfazed by the Grinch’s efforts to ruin the holiday, we caroled and held small Christmas parties when the winter season arrived! In spite of COVID, nothing got missed!

Even though Omicron is surging through the general population, staff, clients and their families recognized the importance of getting vaccinated early on and protecting our most vulnerable. Several people who live in DDA group homes got sick with COVID before vaccines were available, but thankfully we didn’t lose anyone along the way.

Now we find ourselves at the start of yet another uncertain year. COVID is still here, impacting everything we do. If there is one thing DDA, its staff, clients and families know, is that hope is stronger than fear. We will get through 2022 together and be stronger for it. Live gently, respect everyone and remember, life is good because we choose to make it that way. We wish you all a safe and happy New Year.