Why We Care

By Alanna Hendren I read a story the other day about how there have only been 50 units of senior’s rental housing developed in Vancouver during the past year and rentals there start at about [...]

What is Respite?

By Terry Schenkel Have you ever wondered what the Respite Program does and how respite works? Respite, by one of the definitions found in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, means an interval of rest [...]

Charles Adopts A Street

By Ratnam Mathur Charles Waterman has lived in Richmond at Curzon house for over 25 years! Charles and his 4 roommates live in a lovely residential area amongst friendly neighbors. Over the years [...]

Full of Wonder

One year ago, Creekside Child Development Centre was approached by the Development Team at Science World asking if they could have the help of the children to develop a gallery full of wonder and [...]

Who Will Care For Us?

By Alanna Hendren One of the biggest challenges we face at DDA is recruiting and retaining excellent staff. Since we strive to provide the best quality services in the world, we need the best [...]