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Tap Device for iOS/Android Review

Product: Tap Device

Producer: Tap Systems Inc.

Compatibility: iOS and Android

Price: $179 USD (approx. $230 CAD)

Product Summary

The Tap device, also known as the Tap Strap, is a wearable keyboard designed by Tap Systems Inc. Each letter of the alphabet is assigned to a tapping code. When the user taps their hand using a various combinations of their fingers, they are able to produce text or elicit commands on the paired device. Though originally marketed as a one-handed wearable keyboard and mouse, significant updates have been made over the past six months to include greater user control and personalization, a wider range of applications specifically designed for use with the Tap device, and capabilities as a gaming controller. It is compatible with both iOS and Android, and can be paired with Mac and PC. The Tap comes in two sizes and advertises eight hours of continuous operation, with a specialized charger/case included with purchase. At this time all associated apps are available as free downloads through the App Store. Additional information can be found on their website: https://www.tapwithus.com/



  • Video tutorials included in app, as well as accessible video options of visual impairments.
  • Easy set-up instructions in simple language with picture/video supports.
  • Can be used on either right or left hand.
  • Learning apps (Tap Genius) teach each set of code sequentially and allow for practice.
  • Multiple gaming apps available to practice skills in fun setting (TapTapBunny, Tap Squadron, TapChase, TapLoops).
  • Accessible version of Tap training (TapAloud) for individuals with visual impairments.
  • Ability to modify tap codes to personalize for each user.


  • Requires a minimal amount of find motor control to use device accurately.
  • Significant learning curve initially to become proficient with use.
  • Requires regular consistent use to maintain the tapping library.
  • Unlikely to withstand high wear and tear without damage.
  • Not possible to slow the speed of training programs to accommodate for different learners.



Ease of Use: Easy with Practice ★★★★☆

Adaptability: Wide Variety of Settings Available ★★★

Accessibility: Suitable for Most Users ★★★

Cost vs. Value: You Get What You Paid For ★★★

Overall Rating: ★★★


Final Word:

There have been significant, positive improvements with this device over the past six months. Additionally there is an ongoing system in place for continued developments with the associated Tap apps. They have done an excellent job in providing accessibility options for users; however the scope of these options have been focused on supporting those with visual impairments. Supporting diverse learners and users often means thinking outside the box in terms of adaptations for mobility impairments, communication impairments, and cognitive delays. Beyond what this device was originally designed for, it has the potential to assist with developing fine motor skills, duel-referencing abilities, teaching cause and effect, following one step instructions, and more. They have the potential for being resources for those supporting individuals with developmental disabilities, but the impact and range of the device’s use is solely dependent on the creativity of the user.