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The iPad experience at the Drop-In Centre

When DDA’s Technology Specialist, Loubna K., came to the Drop-In to teach us how to use the iPad we were quite excited. We had some knowledge but little experience. The sessions were enlightening and generated some creative ideas as to how we could incorporate iPads at the Drop-in. Clients gave many suggestions on what they would like to do with the iPad (e.g. FaceTime with family, typing on a touch keyboard, watching movies, doing word search puzzles, taking pictures, etc.). In November Loubna started to visit the Drop-in about three times per week to train clients and staff. She approached this in a fun and user friendly way. Then classes began. After a few sessions, the clients were up and running! The reaction from clients has been wonderful! Wendy has been using her new skills to stay connected with her family, her friends, and to the world. She practices her typing skills, checks emails and plays games. With assistance from staff, Wendy is able to chat face to face with her family in the community or from the Drop-In. This is very exciting for Wendy! Jane is mastering the basics. She searches online for some of the rides and sites she would be seeing before a trip to Disneyland. She is also able to transfer photos to her iPad so she can enjoy them whenever she likes. Jane has made a great effort to learn writing and typing skills using the iPad. Since her training, she is able to write notes, emails, articles and reminders on her iPad and she couldn’t be happier! The iPad classes have been very well received by all. Staff are learning alongside clients. Loubna welcomes questions and provides examples and hands on training, so clients and staff can learn together. Loubna does one to one training, or group skills training, depending on client needs. All in all, this has been an incredibly enriching experience for both staff and clients. We’re learning new skills together and staying up to date with important technological advances that are making life easier for all of us. Clients are using the iPad for enjoyment, learning, and to stay connected with friends and loved ones. This is a win for all!

By Leanne Schwartz