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Summer Camps Go Virtual

We might remember July and August of 2020 as the summer that never was. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic many things continue to be moth-balled even though British Columbia has lowered its COVID numbers enough to allow a gradual reopening of the province.

Many physical, outdoor summer camps in B.C. have been canceled due to social distancing concerns. Thousands of parents in B.C. and abroad now have to come up with ways to ensure their kids are entertained and happy while maintaining their own job schedule. Take heart! Not all is lost.

As schools have gone to online learning for the remainder of the year, many camps have taken the virtual approach for the summer as well. It may not be canoeing on Harrison Lake, but there is still plenty on offer to keep kids of all abilities engaged.

Easter Seals

Through interactive, fun, and social online activities and programs, campers of all ages and diverse abilities learn with trained counselors through role-playing game adventures, crafts, drawing, cooking and more.

Exceptional Minds

This is an organization that has developed summer virtual workshops specifically designed for those on the spectrum. All workshops are taught via Zoom.

The Miracle Project

The Miracle Project is a fully inclusive theater, film, and expressive arts program focused on building communication, self-esteem, job and social skills for individuals with autism and all abilities – speaking and non-speaking. They are currently offering online workshops.

Atwater Photo Workshops

Atwater recognizes that some children and youth with developmental disabilities enjoy expressing themselves through taking pictures. They have shifted their focus to online workshops.

Segerstrom Centre for Dance and Music

Dance online! As a fully inclusive program, our mission is to create a space for students of all abilities to explore their full physical, social, and creative potential through high quality, joyful dance and music instruction.

Our Kids

Our Kids has a plethora of virtual camps that the company says ‘isn’t just more screen time.’ Kids get to be creative and engage with unique projects and investigations.

Stem Camp Canada

Stem Camp are virtual camps for the gamers and those interested in website building and coding. While fun, they can actually learn things applicable to the real world.

IVY Virtual Camp

IVY Camp might feel a little more like summer school with science and math courses, but still offers camps on the tech side of things. It also offers interesting camps that mimic the hit show the Shark Tank.

Lavner Camps

Lavner is another tech-based summer camp option where kids get to hone their technical skills with game and app creation.


Keep in mind that many of these options include live instruction so time zones need to be taken into account. In addition, prices may be in U.S. dollars depending on the organization’s location.

Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!