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Spring Break Staycation!

Spring break is just around the corner, and it’s a great time to try out some new and fun activities with your family. Although we may not be able to go out and enjoy our regular spring break activities but there is so much that can be done in the comfort of your home! Here’s a list of some of the many activities you and your family can take part in!
  • At home theatre! Break out those blankets, pop the popcorn and huddle in the living room. Bring the theatre to your home.
  • Indoor Picnic. Bring out your picnic blanket, fill your picnic basket with all the picnic essentials, dress up and enjoy a cool refreshing drink in the comfort of your own home!
  • Indoor Camping. Have you ever sat in a tent, ate some s’mores, and slept in a sleeping bag all within your home? Well, now is the best time to gather everyone together, and sing a few campfire songs.
  • Treat of the week. Once a week, a member of the family gets to choose one of their favourite treats that they would love to eat right now, and then the whole family has to work together to make it a reality!
  • At home scavenger hunts. This is great for kids and youth to take part in. Write some clues down and hide a few treasures in some nooks and crannies within the house. Ready, set, go!
  • Game Night. We love game night. It’s even better if you bring your favourite snacks and break out the board games that have been hidden away in your cupboard. Why not make it a board game tournament while you’re at it! Winner takes all!
  • Spa-cation. This year has been a long one for sure, and everyone deserves a nice relaxing spa day. We suggest you get the family together, get some face masks, soak your feet in some warm water and slice up some cucumbers for your eyes! Put on some relaxing music from your phone, sit back, and relax.
  • Science Experiments. It’s time to unleash your inner scientist! This is a great time for kids to explore and try new things. You would be shocked to know how many experiments only require a few items, and those items are in almost every household! Click here for more!
  • Virtual Tours! You can’t go to the Louvre right now, but you can still take a virtual visit! Here’s a running list of some amazing tours and concerts you can attend!
  • Bake-off! The great at home bake-off has begun! Ever wonder who makes the best chocolate chip cookies in your family? Now is the best time to find out. Put on your aprons, get your favourite cookie recipe out (or any other baked good!) and bake!
  • Online courses! This is a great time to learn something new. There are tons of online platforms that allow people to teach or learn some new tricks! Check out Udemy and Skillshare for more information!


These are just a few ideas, but we hope it helps! Spring break is a great time to create some new memories, so take on the challenge and make it the BEST spring break ever!