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Reflecting On Summer At Grandview Day Program

By: Eunice

I had the most amazing and eye-opening time as a summer student at Grandview Day Program.

Every day was full of learning, laughter and growth with the clients and staff. At Grandview, we often went on outings to explore Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. This summer was especially busy with even more outings and events to attend than in previous years. Some activities we did include: paddle boarding, sailing, hiking, exploring Science World and Maple Wood Farms, attending CBC Nooners, and even performing a short skit at our barbeque! We also maintained a healthy garden, so we often had fresh vegetables to enjoy. Needless to say, this summer was full of excitement!

One of the most memorable experiences I’ve had was when we went paddleboarding with a client who was very nervous beforehand. All the staff tried to encourage him and cheer him up. He was still nervous even when he got onto the paddleboard. After paddleboarding, however, he had the biggest smile on his face and was excitedly telling us about his experience. It amazed me by how brave he was in overcoming his fears.

Despite all these amazing activities, what touched me the most was the welcoming and supportive environment I experienced, even on the first day. I felt warm from all the smiles from the clients and was surprised by how friendly everyone was. Seeing clients give random hugs everyday brightened me up every time. From this experience, I learned to slow down and to enjoy the little things in life. I was touched by how much the clients enjoyed seemingly simple activities, such as riding the SkyTrain, laughing at old jokes, or having a cup of coffee. I was inspired when I saw clients stepping out of their comfort zones and being more expressive in drama class. I was amazed by their persistence in learning how to write tricky numbers and build complicated structures. Being a summer student has taught me so many more life lessons than I would have imagined.