Think less, feel more. This is the experience that we try to provide for our clients in the relaxation room. The relaxation room came about over many conversations because of the open-concept layout at Victoria Day Program. The Victoria Day team was looking to utilize the space efficiently while considering a sun-lit, busy street view and most importantly, creating a warm and relaxing escape for clients to enjoy as part of their day. Our problem was: how do we create a space where the clients can relax, when noise can sometimes be an issue?

With the layout of the relaxation room, whether it’s the start of the day, after lunch, or the end of a busy day, the Victoria Day team can provide an alternative environment that many of the client’s use to settle their mind, escape with an iPad or indulge in the sensory and tactile objects dispersed throughout the room.

The benefits of this room are vast. Sometimes, we play relaxing or meditative music quietly in the background, which has helped drown out all the other distractions within the day program. We have found that the music provides different clients space for calm and peaceful down time.

The multi-sensory environment provides a variety of stimulation to help enhance concentration, attention, and alertness with some of our clients. The sensory stimulating objects, quiet activities, and comfortable furniture encourage our clients to explore their environment without feeling overwhelmed. Although this is a quieter space, we also use it as a space for social interaction in smaller groups. Interacting and communicating with their peers gives clients a greater opportunity to strengthen and develop their social skills.

The result? The relaxation room has improved the overall environment at the Victoria Day Program and the well-being of each client that visits this new space. This room has become part of a daily routine for some and an occasional exploration for others. Regardless of the purpose, this space is being used by participants for their individual needs and we are seeing benefits in many different ways.

by Tara Wilkinson

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