Food banks across the country are struggling to keep up with demand as the COVID-19 pandemic drags on. This is of paramount importance as some DDA clients rely on the Greater Vancouver Food Bank for support. The organization has seen a surge of donations recently but the concern is what will happen as many businesses remain closed and people stay home for a longer period of time.

Greater Vancouver Food Bank CEO, David Long, tells City TV that public response has been good as of late. “We’re very fortunate with our donors, we’re not government-sponsored at all so all our donations are from the public. On the other hand, demand is going up.”

Right now, the Greater Vancouver Food Bank has been able to distribute food and other items at a make-shift set up in ‘Dude Chilling Park’ located at 2390 Brunswick Street in Vancouver. Due to the pandemic, the 13 other locations the Food Bank normally distributes from have been closed for the time being.

Long says they are currently looking for an indoor space to distribute food during rainy days. He adds that besides getting food to those who need it, their number one concern is keeping staff and volunteers safe and doing their best to maintain social distancing as food is given out.

The Richmond Food Bank is also in need of support. Due to the COVID crisis, the organization is adopting a slightly different approach to ensure safe social distancing. From their website:

“…we will be providing pre-packaged hampers for our clients to pick up weekly from our main location at 5800 Cedarbridge Way unit 100 only. To encourage safe distancing, we will be extending our pick up hours so clients can come any time between 10 am-3 pm Monday through Saturday, one visit per week.”

All other Richmond distribution sites are closed until further notice.

  • To make a financial donation to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank go here.
  • To make a financial donation to the Richmond Food Bank go here.
  • If you are in need of the Greater Vancouver Food Bank’s services, for more information about locations and times go here.
  • For more information on how to get assistance from the Richmond Food Bank go here.

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