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DDA takes pride in being an essential service and advocate for those with developmental disabilities in Vancouver and Richmond. Our support staff and management are doing double duty to ensure our clients are well supplied, well protected, and are maintaining social distancing as best as possible during the COVID-19 crisis. As an essential service we are following any and all provincial government protocols when it comes to cleanliness for all of our residential homes, daycare centres, and drop-in centres. We have also taken the step to have any office staff work from home if possible.

DDA is a champion of the LGBTQ2+ community. We are now a proud part of the Vancouver Police Department’s Safe Space Program.

A reminder that DDA no longer accepts clothing or household donations. Please connect with Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver or Value Village directly.

B.C. COVID Statistics as of Monday, September 20th: 

  • Over the last 72 hours, B.C. is reporting 1,692 new cases of COVID-19 for a total of 179,646 cases in the province.

  • 171,769 people have fully recovered.

  • There are 5,608 active cases in B.C.

  • In the past 72 hours, 11 new deaths have been reported, for an overall total of 1,899.

  • 307 British Columbians remain hospitalized with 156 of those cases in ICU.

  • There are currently 24 active outbreaks in long-term care, acute care and assisted living facilities.

  • As of Monday, Sept. 20, 2021, 86.8% (4,024,302) of eligible people 12 and older in B.C. have received their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine and 79.4% (3,679,181) received their second dose.

  • In addition, 87.4% (3,778,735) of all eligible adults in B.C. have received their first dose and 80.2% (3,470,043) received their second dose.

  • Since December 2020, the Province has administered over 7,711,306 doses of Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines.

Vancouver Coastal Health Authority Keeps Its Numbers Low

Vancouver Sun – One of the most populated health authorities in British Columbia also had the fewest new cases of COVID-19 in the latest update from the health ministry.

On Friday, the ministry said 83 cases of the disease had been recorded in Vancouver Coastal Health in the 24-hour period between updates.

That’s out of the 768 added to the province’s tally of total confirmed cases.

Vancouver Coastal Health represents 1,193,977 patients in total, according to provincial population estimates from the most recent year available: 2019.

In terms of population, it is second only to Fraser Health, which has 1,906,933 patients under its authority.

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New COVID ‘MU’ Variant Now in B.C.; Experts Not Concerned Yet

NEWS1130 – The B.1.621 — or Mu — variant was first discovered in Colombia in January and has been found in more than 40 people in B.C. since June. The worry is that it could be as transmissible as the Delta variant which has been the leading cause of current COVID surges.

Sally Otto, a UBC zoology professor and modelling researcher, says right now, that’s not the case and there is no need to panic.

“Mu hasn’t actually been rising in frequency, it’s been kind of hovering under about two per cent frequency, relative to what we saw with Delta, which was once it got established, [there was] really rapid exponential growth,” Otto said.

“That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pay attention to it, we absolutely should keep an eye on it. But it’s not taking off. Right now, Delta is the main player, the main variant that is the most transmissible and the most worrisome in this country,” Otto said.

U.S. to Keep Border Closed Until Late October

News1130/WASHINGTON — The White House says that by early November, adult foreign nationals will have to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to travel to the United States.

“Today, (the Biden administration) has announced that beginning in early November, the U.S. will require adult foreign nationals traveling to U.S. to be fully vaccinated,” the White House tweeted.

“This is a strict measure aimed to stop the spread of COVID-19.”

The news is the first clear indication from the Biden administration that it is preparing to ease travel restrictions first imposed in March 2020, at the outset of the pandemic. Details, however, remain in short supply.

It is not clear, for instance, how the new policy will specifically impact travel at the Canada-U.S. land border, where non-essential visitors remain prohibited from crossing.

That specific prohibition is being extended another 30 days until Oct. 21, a White House official said.

Canada Votes!

We connected with a few of our residents to talk about the upcoming federal election.

Come Work With Us!

DDA is an essential service. That means we keep the doors open to make sure our clients are as protected as possible by following government guidelines very closely. We currently have vacancies for DDA Support Staff in many of our group homes and daycare centres. For a list of current opportunities go here. Apply today and make a difference in someone’s life.

*Due to COVID-19 and the need to practice social distancing, the interview process for DDA and prospective employees may be delayed. Thank you for your understanding.

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