To DDA, every month is Disability Employment Month because we know that businesses thrive when they include a neurodiverse staff.

DDA understands that those employees with developmental disabilities may require help in transitioning from certain programs to a life of happy employment. That’s where we can help. Since 1985, DDA’s Jobs West Employment Program has successfully placed hundreds of job seekers in gainful and productive employment opportunities with local businesses. As champions of inclusive hiring, we couldn’t be more proud of this contributing workforce. In 2019 we helped 80 people find gainful employment.

Jason is one of our many successful job seekers who brings his spirit and an amazing attitude to work every day.

“I found my part time position at Four Seasons Food, which is now called Freshpoint through Jobswest. Jobswest trained me in the job duties.  I worked 4 hours each day, 5 days a week.  

My company prepares french fries for White Spot. The most busiest time is during Christmas.  My first job was picking French fries that were not good.  My current job is stacking boxes of french fries on a skid.  

I worked together as a team with 4 other people in the French Fries department.  I enjoyed working there as the people are very nice.  We also have a yearly Christmas party at Sun Sui Wah Restaurant.  In the summer all the staff gets a bonus and we have a yearly BBQ. 

I looked forward to going to work every day. ” 

Jobs West would like to congratulate Victoria on her paid employment as a Prep/Packaging Assistant at Fresh Prep!

Since joining Jobs West in 2015, Victoria has participated in multiple work experiences and volunteer placements to build on her existing skills and learn new skills that she could apply to a paid position in the future. Month after month, Victoria arrived at every placement (often attending three placements per week) with a smile and an eagerness to learn. Over time, Victoria learned that working with children was an exciting environment that she enjoyed working in but also found that food services was an upbeat (and delicious) setting to be in too. It was through all of Victoria’s experiences at local daycares, kitchens and bakeries that she was able to build on her existing vocational skills, gain new skills and make professional contacts that could provide her with excellent references for future work.

In October of 2018, Victoria’s hard work paid off and she secured a paid position as a Prep/Packaging Assistant at Fresh Prep. Victoria demonstrates a confident and positive attitude in her new work environment preparing, portioning and packaging various meals for delivery and also continues to volunteer at two of her volunteer placements that she grew her vocational skills at.

Way to go Victoria!


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