DDA, the City of Vancouver and the Vancouver School Board have joined forces to create new, inclusive childcare spaces in Fraserview, Vancouver. Now open is the Fraserview Child Development Centre located on the rooftop of seismically replaced Sir Sandford Fleming Elementary. The Fraserview CDC offers 69 spaces for infants, toddlers and children ages 3 to 5. As part of DDA’s mandate of inclusion, we will be using the space to run programs that also support children with developmental disabilities and their families.

“DDA is thrilled to build on our partnership with the City of Vancouver to open this new Child Development site, which will support a diversity of children with a wide range of abilities. At DDA, inclusion means everyone,” says DDA Executive Director Alanna Hendren.

Operating and managing this beautiful facility will be DDA’s very own Leanna Logan who has been managing DDA CDCs for over 30 years. The ultimate purpose is to help families in the neighbourhood find care for their children, ease the transition into kindergarten and further strengthen community bonds.

“Childcare is critical to the economic recovery from COVID, as it allows parents, particularly mothers who have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic, to participate in the labour force knowing that their children are well cared for in a safe, learning environment,” says Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart in a City of Vancouver media release.

Consisting of over 16,000 square feet of both dedicated indoor and outdoor space, the facility was meticulously designed and decorated with the wellbeing and care of children in mind. The colourful outdoor play area is meant to provide a safe play environment and create learning opportunities in nature. The indoor area thoughtfully uses unique tools and supplies to foster creativity and expression. More importantly, the entire space delightfully recreates a feeling of home for everyone, especially the children.

Developmental Disabilities Association would like to thank the City of Vancouver, Vancouver School Board and the Government of British Columbia for helping us move this project from the drawing board and into reality.

Developmental Disabilities Association is a community living agency that provides over 50 community-based programs and services to children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families in Vancouver and Richmond. We create extended networks of support, invest in individual needs, and strive for an inclusive and safe community.

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