Self-expression through art can capture the senses, and transport the mind to a meditative state, which has shown to be beneficial for reducing symptoms of anxiety.

At the Victoria Day Program, we empower individuals to express their artistic creativity in every project, ranging from painting on canvas, to building clay sculptures, to “Do-It-Yourself” crafts. This gives our participants an opportunity to express how they view their world, and relate to their surroundings. Other benefits of art projects include emotional exploration, social bonding experiences, and practicing fine motor skills. Many of our art projects are even used as decorations to help personalize the Victoria Day Program, creating an inviting atmosphere while encouraging clients’ self-confidence as their hard work is on display for visiting peers and family to see.

New this summer, DDA hosted a booth at the Granville Island Farmer’s Market. With the artist’s permission, client submissions are presented for sale to the general public. The booth is operated by DDA’s Art Instructor, Kim, as well as clients from various programs including the Victoria Day Program.

Volunteering at the Farmer’s Market booth allows for clients to interact and take part in their community, while providing opportunities for customers to meet the artist behind the art piece they are buying. The proceeds from art sales directly support DDA clients to fund future art class endeavors, although a portion of proceeds goes directly to the artist.

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