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Back To School: Anti-Bullying Tips

Bullying is prevalent wherever you go, whether it is in the workplace, school, playground, or even online. Put a stop to this. Help your child adjust to back to school by getting informed with these anti-bullying tips.

Picky Eaters in Kids with Autism

Eating is a multi-sensory activity. It doesn't just involve taste, but textures, consistencies, temperature, and the list goes on. Most individuals with autism have sensory problems, making them prone to being a "picky eater". Studies show that kids with autism are five times more likely to have issues when it comes to mealtime. The good news is that studies show that being a picky eater doesn't affect growth and development. with some patience and experimenting with new foods to get them comfortable with theor senses, your child may be able to overcome their eating obstacles.