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Full of Wonder

One year ago, Creekside Child Development Centre was approached by the Development Team at

Housing for People With Disabilities

Many families who have adults with developmental disabilities living with them are wondering about where their child will live when they’re not around anymore.  Younger families with children becoming adults are wondering where their son or daughter will live once they finish high-school and assume the lives of their non-disabled peers.  Some families have purchased housing for their adult children and now must try to negotiate the support they will need to live on their own.

Tax Concepts

In past articles we have looked at specific tax efficient things you can do for disability finances like applying for the disability tax credit. I think that with tax time just around the corner perhaps this would be a good opportunity to go over some general concepts about taxation to clear up the mysteries about them and help you get as much tax relief as possible to financially manage your family’s financial challenges.

Childcare at a Crossroads

When we started providing child care, we were funded 100% by government. Child care agencies no longer funded by government, other than the odd grant. Parent fees have virtually become our only source of revenue for child care. Low-income families and those with special needs children can apply for subsidies and purchase their child care anywhere. Some of DDA’s child care centers now have vacancies rather than waitlists, even in our special needs spaces.