For all us of it’s been a long two years as we grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic. For our healthcare professionals, without a doubt, it’s felt even longer. When the pandemic began and we all realized the incredible sacrifices healthcare workers were making we proudly gathered at 7 pm every night and banged pots and pans together in a voice of solidarity and appreciation.

Today, under a cloud of political division, our healthcare heroes have seemingly been forgotten, or at worse, been the target of angry protests from those who would fear our government’s measures to limit the spread of the illness.

Over Thanksgiving, DDA residents at our Curzon home created 30 greeting cards beautifully conveying words of gratitude and encouragement for St. Paul’s healthcare professionals. They were deeply touched and appreciated this heartfelt gesture from our Curzon residents and staff. Thanks to Alyssa, Henrik, and Michael for taking the time to go to St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver.

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