Every summer, DDA employs seasonal program workers from various post-secondary and educational institutions. DDA provides a valuable opportunity for students to learn how to support and advocate for people with disabilities in the community. In turn, the summer students bring new innovative ideas to each of the programs.

This year, the Drop-In Centre was fortunate to have a summer student from UBC, Ayan, who helped staff implement summer programing for our Drop-In participants. Ayan was very energetic and were able to develop a good rapport with each of the participants. All of the Drop-In participants enjoyed Ayan’s company and support throughout the summer and was sad when she had to leave to go back to school in the fall.

A couple of weeks after Ayan’s departure, a surprising gift was delivered in the mail. It was a 2020 calendar that compiled pictures that the Drop-In participants took during the 2019 summer outings. The Drop-In participants and staff appreciate the gift and wish Ayan a bright future in her educational and career goals.

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