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Leisure Fair 2018

After several months of preparation, Leisure Fair 2018 was held at the Trout Lake Community Centre on April 3. Around 90 people came through the doors to meet and talk with representatives from 23 recreation and leisure organizations. This was my first time attending the event. I had so much fun and learned a lot. There are so many amazing adapted activities to do throughout the Lower Mainland.

Leisure Fair is about recreational activities for children, youth, and adults with disabilities. Each participating organization provides various programs of adaptive physical activity for clients. These programs help to empower children, build self-confidence, mentor respect for others, increase life skills, and enrich lives. From my understanding, the goal of the Leisure Fair is to believe, participate, inspire, and grow.

I look forward to attending the next Leisure Fair in 2019 at our new location! We’ll be at the Sunset Community Centre. It will be an even bigger event with more organizations, athlete demonstrations, and more FUN. I hope to see you there.


By Shixin Gao