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LEGO LEGO LEGO At Brock Junction

By: Alex Orasa

To kick off the start of summer break, the Brock Junction group took a trip out to the Surrey Museum to see the amazing LEGO exhibit that was on display.

This outing was definitely a much-anticipated trip for the Brock Junction group as LEGO building at the program has been a long time group favourite activity to participate in for the kids, and staff too. Upon arriving the kids were excited to be greeted by an actual life-size character outside the front and were quick to jump in and take many funny group photos together.

After entering the museum the kids were super excited to explore the many interactive and detailed exhibits on display. The museum offered exhibits for all ages and even included a fun play area for the kids to enjoy. After taking in all there was to see, and there was lots, the kids were inspired to create their own LEGO exhibits back at the program. As you can see, the kids have been working tirelessly during free time every day to recreate a fraction of what they saw at the museum.

Thank you to the Surrey Museum for putting on such a fun and free experience for all kids to enjoy. We will be sure to come back again! The Brock Junction group has been off to a fun-filled summer and look forward to seeing you in the community on one of our many fun outings around the city.