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Kevin at Superstore

Kevin has been working part-time at Real Canadian Superstore since June 2022. He was hired following a successful work experience placement through Jobs West. Some of his duties include compacting cardboard, organizing crates, and more. Kevin is very hard-working and demonstrates great time management skills. As well as working at Superstore, Kevin also attends Vancouver Community College.

Kevin’s supervisor is impressed with how well he is doing in his role;

“Kevin is doing great. Initially, we had a set role for him but he has expanded his knowledge in other areas so he can do multiple tasks each shift. Been amazed at how little direction and follow-up Kevin needs. He is identifying what needs to be done each shift, and I have noticed he picks up new tasks quickly just by watching what his fellow co-workers are doing.  Kevin has been awesome since joining the team and really happy we hired him after his practicum was completed. I know the other colleagues enjoy working with Kevin as well”

-Chevy (Kevin’s supervisor)

Kevin’s goal of finding paid employment was achieved as a result of his dedication and willingness to learn new skills.

Congratulations Kevin!