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It Takes a Community

The global COVID-19 crisis threatens to drag on for some time as countries try to rein in the infectious illness. British Columbia appears to be leading the charge when it comes to flattening the curve here in Canada, something we can all be very proud of.

Developmental Disabilities Association’s community involves over 2000 clients and employees. Running an organization like this at the best of times requires strong leadership and a big team effort. Many people in our organization have had to shift gears, change their job parameters, and do double duty to keep the individuals we support safe. It’s working. For that, we are indebted to our team. THANK YOU!

However, it’s not just our team at DDA who deserve thanks. DDA is supported by many organizations and individuals who have stepped up to the plate to ensure we have what we need during this crisis. It really does take a community for everyone to succeed!

Thank you to:

B.C.’s health community and first responders deserve an enormous thank you for their continued efforts and support.  Thank you to The Ministry of Health who continue to provide testing for healthcare workers, and for monitoring our licensed group homes and for their continued advocacy. We also want to acknowledge the B.C. Center for Disease Control, Public Health, and Coastal Health for their oversight and support for our clients and staff.

A HUGE thank you to the Richmond Fire Department for developing in consultation with our managers an evacuation plan for residents.

We appreciate the support from Vancity who will often call to see if there is anything we need.

Westcoast Child Care Resource Centre has been heavily involved with us and other organizations to help find emergency child care space for parents who are frontline workers. Your tireless efforts help more than you know.

Parallel 49 Brewery gets a well-deserved pat on the back as their team at the micro-brewery shifted gears and started producing canned hand sanitizer and donated it. We are thankful and are using it!

Thank you to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank that has been ensuring our clients get the food they need in a timely and efficient way despite the current roadblocks we all face. We are grateful to the efforts of their staff and for the organization’s ability to adapt and serve the community.

Thank you to DDA Early Childhood Educator, Victoria Mo. Her counterparts at the South China University of Technology wanted to do something to help out. They purchased hundreds of surgical masks and sent them to the B.C. hospitals that need them.

To the merchants, restaurants, and stores who have given our frontline staff priority access.

Lastly, thank you to the families who have stepped up their dedication to their loved ones and have shown unwavering support toward DDA and our staff.

Thank you.

Stay home, stay safe, stay connected.