After-Production Costumes & Prop Recycling Program - Developmental Disabilities Association

Looking To Donate Costumes & Props After Filming?

The Developmental Disabilities Association is a local non-profit organization that serves individuals with developmental disabilities in the Lower Mainland. We provide programs and services to over 1,600 individuals and families every year.

We operate a clothing and housewares recycling business as a major fundraiser. The money raised helps those we support in the community.

If you’re looking for a way to have clothing and other household items recycled after your production is complete, we hope you think of us.

Why Should I Donate To DDA?

  • Our fleet of trucks consists of 3-tons, vans and pick-up trucks;
  • All packaging material to pack up your donations is appropriately recycled;
  • 100% of proceeds go back towards our non-profit organization;
  • Our staff are unionized workers;
  • We are able to arrange convenient pick-up at no-cost to you.

How Can I Arrange For A Pick-Up?

If you’re interested in arranging for a pick-up, please fill out the form below.

  • When our truck drivers will pick-up your donation

If you have fewer than five bags of clothing to donate, you are also able to drop them off at our Clothing Bins located throughout the Lower Mainland.


For any additional questions or inquiries, please contact: