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Extraordinary Things by Extraordinary People

We’ve managed to dig up a few videos of some amazing young individuals doing some pretty amazing things.

Meet Tim Harris, Public speaker, Special Olympics athlete, homecoming king, college graduate, sailor, restaurant entrepreneur, and all-around-cool guy. He was born with Down Syndrome, but not even that can limit Tim from achieving his dreams and exceeding the unexpected. It’s for this very reason that Tim Harris is more commonly known as “Tim, the Man”. If you’re ever in Albuquerque, New Mexico, you should stop by his place (Tim’s Place) for some good food and even greater hugs.

“I do not let my disability crush the dreams,” says Tim. “People with disabilities, they can get anything they set their minds to. They’re special. We are a gift to the world.”


This is Anthony. Anthony is 24, likes swimming, giving speeches, playing games on his computer, fiddling with his calculator and listening to music. Anthony also has his own business (Anthony At Your Service). The fact that he has autism doesn’t stop him one bit. Anthony delivers things for local companies in Edmonton with the help of his assistant, Mike.


Lastly, this is Brad. Brad has Autism but he is still extremely spatially intelligent. Even though he can’t read, Brad can figure out any diagram and put objects together like it’s nothing! From puzzles to furniture – if it can, it gets put together without much trouble. Capitalizing on his incredible skill, his father helped him start a business where Brad can put together people’s new furniture (Made by Brad).

“I could give him a complex LEGO Technic project, up to 1,000 pieces, with over 100 pages of instructions – and without any help at all, he’ll simply open up the box, go through the instructions, and he’ll build it perfectly,” says his father.


What the lesson to take away from the stories of these three incredible individuals is this: there’s really not much that can’t be done with a lot of passion, a little hard work, and a encouraging circle of support (be it family, friends, or the greater community).

It’s just awesome to see people with developmental disabilities being able to reach their full potentials with the aid of their support networks. It just goes to show you, extraordinary folks can do extraordinary things!


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