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Excitement Brewing At The Drop-In!

By: Elizabeth Bertuzzi

Do you ever get excited about an upcoming event or time of the year? For example, the return of summer after a cold winter, or upcoming holidays, or maybe your birthday?

Well, the way some people talk about their evening/weekend activities at our Drop-In program is very similar. After registration, I have heard people talk with each other saying, “Are you going to such and such play?” or “I signed up for the corn maze on Saturday are you going?” or “Did you sign up for pizza and bingo tonight?”

There is a lot of excitement around the activities and people talk about it weekly and even daily. Despite the fact that someone’s birthday is only one time each year the excitement for evening/weekend events happens many times throughout the year.

Some of the other popular activities for evening/weekend are pub night, Dairy Queen, sports events, community kitchen and baking nights. Evening/weekend activities can provide you with a social outlet and with some new experiences and most importantly fun, every night of the week including Saturdays.