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Disability Pride Month

By Leslie Zeng – DDA Communications Canada Summer Jobs SFU Student

This month is significant as we acknowledge the incredible resilience and strength of people with disabilities. July serves as a time for celebration and an opportunity for amplification to challenge stigmas around disability. It encourages pride among people with disabilities and promotes a more inclusive and equitable society.

When did this begin?

Disability Pride Month started on July 26, 1990, with the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA); marking the first step to equity. This significant act prohibited discrimination against people with disabilities in all public and private spaces that are open to the public. Initially celebrated in the United States, the ADA Act has transpired worldwide and is now celebrated internationally, including in Canada.

What is the Disability Pride Flag?

Designed by Ann Magill, the Disability Flag is a representing symbol of Disability Pride. It serves as a reminder of the ongoing justice for disability rights and inclusivity. Most often used during Disability Pride Month, the flag’s designs and colors carry meaningful messages.

Stripes: Zig-Zag pattern represents how people with disabilities must navigate through barriers

  1. Red: Physical disabilities
  2. Gold: Neurodiversity
  3. White: Invisible and undiagnosed disabilities
  4. Blue: Psychiatric disabilities
  5. Green: Sensory disabilities

Black Background: Mourning for ableist violence and oppression. With the continuous efforts of past accomplishments in advocating and fighting for disability rights, our present commitments honour the road paved for us. Nonetheless, helping create a more equitable world starts within us all. This month, find time for self-reflection, education on disability intersectionality, supporting stores that welcome accessibility, advocacy, and much more.

Disability Pride Month is a crucial time for recognizing and celebrating the diverse contributions of people with disabilities. It fosters a sense of community and highlights the importance of accessibility and inclusivity in all areas of society. By promoting awareness and understanding, Disability Pride Month helps to dismantle stereotypes, challenge discrimination, and advocate for the rights and dignity of individuals with disabilities. Ultimately, it serves as a reminder that true progress is achieved when we embrace and uplift the unique strengths and perspectives that people with disabilities bring to our communities.