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DDA Annual Report 2015-2016

Since the creation of Community Living B.C (CLBC) and the popularity of models like home-share, the focus of services in B.C. has migrated from development to care. In the past, the goal of services was to support people to be as independent as possible. Today the focus has shifted to money, with families, agencies, related businesses and individuals themselves lobbying and struggling for the maximum amount of funding they can receive for themselves, their business, their agency or their family. This focus on money has detracted from our focus on developing potential to one of caregiving or having someone else take care of the person – increasing the individuals’ dependence on others. Caregiving is extremely important for people who are ill, aging or losing function but for young adults, skill acquisition is of primary importance because without skills, these adults cannot live in the least restrictive environment possible. Read more by downloading the Annual Report.

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