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Attending The Climate Action Strike

On September 27, several clients and staff from the Community Apartment Program hit the streets to attend the Climate Action Strike, a global event with millions of people in attendance, all with the shared interest and concern for our planet.

First, we took the Skytrain to City Hall where we attended the rally and listened to speeches about climate concerns. Then we began marching through the streets. Some of us crossed the Cambie Bridge to continue through downtown while others had to get home before the rush. We were pretty nervous at the beginning of the rally, being around so many people (an estimated turnout of 100,000 people) but as we marched, we felt much more comfortable and really enjoyed it. We waved our signs in the air, reading “save the bees, protect the trees, clean the seas” and “climate action now!” It felt cool to be a part of something so big.

Here are some reflections by attendees:

  • Nature is beautiful. I care about the environment, the animals and the trees. Trees help with pollution and our air quality. If we lose our trees, the air we breathe will become unhealthy. That is why I decided to participate in the strike. I think these events show the government how people feel and show them what is important. It may change what they do in the future. I’m glad I participated in this strike, it made my heart melt.” – Andrew Jackson
  • I decided to attend the strike because I care about nature, about the world and the animals. I like to spend time in nature, going to the beach and watching the water and animals. It bugs me a lot that so many wild animals are dying, and the bees too. They’re important. Climate effects animals, [access to] food and weather. I like to stand up for people and animals and I felt proud to have been a part of this strike. It sent an important message. I would definitely participate in something like that again.” – Jamie Dri

What an incredible day to witness and be a part of. This strike teaches us, or reminds us, to see ourselves as not only members of our immediate environment and community but to also see ourselves as members of a global community. While we may be self-advocates for our own rights, we can also band together as advocates for the rights and wellness of the environment.