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A New Experience: Home Share Reflections

When I meet with home share providers, one of the topics I speak about is giving their live-in home share clients new experiences as part of becoming a family unit.

There are some caregivers who include their Home Share clients on vacation getaways, and just recently one of our Home Share Providers, Rica and her family, took both of their clients for a getaway to Las Vegas during September 2018.

For one of her clients, Gordon, this was his first time not only in Las Vegas but probably his first plane ride ever. The home share provider shared that Gordon was wide-eyed during the flight down to Las Vegas and that Gordon was all smiles from beginning to end – in fact, he did not get much sleep the night before the trip.

Gordon, his roommate, and the family stayed at Caesar’s Palace on the infamous Las Vegas Strip. Gordon experienced walking up and down the strip, shopping, the neon lights, the dancing fountains at the Bellagio Hotel, the noisy slot machines, the delicious food, all among the many sights and sounds that Las Vegas has to offer. Gordon was able to buy some souvenirs to remember his new experience.

Kudos to Rica, Ferdinand, their kids and relatives, all who shared their enthusiasm with Gordon, that I am sure he will remember for a long time.