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A Hidden Opportunity

While the world is still reeling under the effects of COVID-19 and world’s most intellectual minds are racing against time to invent a vaccine, there is some positive news at Curzon Day Program. Fighting against all odds and strictly following the social distancing regulations, Henrik Nashlund has been walking his way to becoming much fitter, having already dropped over 16 pounds in just 6-months!

Henrik has his few favourite walking trails – Richmond Nature park, Dykes, River Road and walking all the way from his home to No. 2 Road – almost 8000 steps every day.

Each day he walks with a different purpose in mind. Whether feeding the ducks, talking to nature, passing by his friend’s house, counting the planes, or taking pictures, the list is endless. Apart from walking, Henrik also spends time reading and learning new skills on his iPad. He loves sports and watching movies.

Good to see Henrik enthusiastically plugged into the Curzon Day Program – always ready with his backpack to go out for his walks!