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A Day in the Life of DDA During the Pandemic

The phrase ‘new normal’ is almost redundant already. The presence of COVID and the lifestyle it has brought to the world is a difficult part of reality, and we have to adapt. So what do you do? Lie down and wait for it to go away? Nope. DDA employees ensure those people we support and care for are reaching their potential and continue to lead fulfilling lives. If you support a family member who has developmental disabilities, perhaps these activities can give you some ideas of your own.

Back yard games:

While it’s still summer and the rain is a month or two away there are a number of games to play.

  • Ring toss
  • Bean bag toss
  • Soccer
  • A simple game of catch
  • Flag Football
  • Outdoor exercise class
  • Dance parties

The growing season is still upon us so many of our employees and clients take part in gardening in the back yard!

Even though COVID rules are in place, we still need to get out and about as much as possible. DDA often takes clients on hikes or nature walks to Garry Point in Richmond or even strolling around the Richmond Minoru track. We may even get some bird watching in. Of course, we keep strict social distancing measures in place at all times.

We are in B.C. so that means the weather does not always cooperate. Indoor activities are maintained with tons of fun in mind. COVID dictates many activities are enjoyed online. We do a lot of COVID education classes, movie nights, virtual concerts, and more. One of our clients is connected to ‘Eventbrite’ that offers daily classes such as yoga and painting. Board games are popular and so is cooking and baking.


  • Games and Activities
  • Old fashion games such as “Checkers” and “Don’t spill the Beans”, Card Games, Bingo
  • YouTube videos watched on iPads
  • Walking videos-walking through famous outdoor spaces virtually, “Happy Mile Walking”
  • Virtual tour videos from around the world
  • Dancing videos – Bollywood and more
  • Music videos
  • Exercise videos


It’s difficult for everyone to remain socially isolated, but if anyone understands that feeling, it’s people with developmental disabilities who are often overlooked and not included. They are getting through this like soldiers, and it makes us proud they are showing us the way.