All of us face transitions in our lives, but people with developmental disabilities and their families often have greater challenges due to their movement from one developmental program to another.

At DDA, we try to keep transitions as smooth as possible, so we provide comprehensive services from birth to end of life. These supports start with our Infant Development Program, from age 0 to 3. Once toddlers graduate from IDP, we support their transition to pre-school by sharing information and coordinating with our Child and Youth Services department. Once pre-school has prepared children for elementary school, our staff also help families with the transition from the Ministry for Children and Family Development system to the Ministry of Education and Vancouver or Richmond School Districts.

DDA’s Child and Youth programs support children with special needs after school and on weekends through our Brock Junction, Leisure Challenge and Respite programs. As children become teenagers, our staff also support families to make the leap to life after high school graduation.

Because graduating students (and their families) often experience challenges as they leave the school system, DDA created a Transition Program that explores career awareness, teaches life skills and focuses on practical skill acquisition for greater independence. This program supports both clients and families as they transition to adult community living (CLBC) services (if they are eligible) and to deal with the realities of adult life.

Once adults become seniors, there is another transition from work or organized day activities to retirement. Some people choose to retire once their energy begins to dwindle in their 50’s or 60’s. Others may acquire various medical and cognitive disorders related to aging. Regardless, individualized planning is required to ensure continued activity and healthy living, in addition to a more casual schedule and lots of recreation.

We have Family Support workers dedicated to helping families coordinate services between Ministries and community social services, along with helping families get the information they need to make truly informed decisions about their future.

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