The Developmental Disabilities Association was presented with the Recycling Council of British Columbia’s 2009 MOBI Award for excellence in environmental stewardship in BC.

At the Developmental Disabilities Association, we strive to effect positive change in our society not only by offering and supporting developmental services, but also by reducing our ecological footprint. We are committed to environmental sustainability through the implementation and usage of different recycling programs and audits. Through recycling, we help our environment by diverting useful material from landfills, saving energy, and reducing the amount of CO2 released into our atmosphere.


  • Recycled over 7 million lbs of potential landfill by collecting bags of clothing, house wares, and other products
  • Recycles all paper and cardboard items through an in-house recycling program at their Head Office
  • Recycles scrap metal, computers, computer monitors and televisions at our Donation Station
  • Hosts clothing donation bins that recycle and reuse cloth materials
  • Hosts bottle donation bins that recycle various materials
  • Promotes environmental responsibility by hosting bins for a variety of community events
  • Proudly prints all brochures and publications using papers with post consumer recycled content
  • Only uses donation bags made of bio-degradable products

Why Donate to DDA?

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