Donate Clothes, Housewares & Bottles

DDA Donation Pick Up Truck

Donate Clothes, Housewares and Bottles

Local Charity Seal100% proceeds received from our clothing, housewares and bottle donations benefit your local registered charity, DDA and people with developmental disabilities. Through your donations, you have helped fund our programs and services in Vancouver in Richmond in addition to our environment through recycling.

To continue our services and programs for individuals with developmental disabilities, we encourage you to donate to our white donation bins. Over half of bins in the Greater Vancouver area are owned and operated by for-profit international businesses. To distinguish ourselves, we have placed a red seal on all our bins and trucks to reassure you that 100% of proceeds are redirected back to the charity, as it always has. Speculate before you donate. Should you have more information on our donations, please read about it on our blog here.

Dec 10, 2013 pdf Global News: Items placed in clothing donation bins may not always be going where you think

Oct 14, 2013 pdf English Translation – FairChild TV: Do you know where your clothing donation goes towards?

movie FairChild TV: Do you know where your clothing donation goes towards?

What happens to these donations? DDA has built a valuable relationship with Value Village by acting as a supplier with the sale of the donated clothing and housewares. Value Village resells the clothes and housewares in their 11 stores in the Greater Vancouver area. Developmental Disabilities Association is keen to create marketplaces that provide access to reusable products at a reasonably inexpensive cost.

To schedule a home pick up for your donations, please email

If you require further information, please contact Deanna Barlow at or 604-273-9778.